Seals on your stuff !!!

What I’m talking about is everything from peanut butter and medicine to milk with a lot of other stuff thrown in between.All this because some sociopath in 1982 tampered with capsules of  Extra-Strength Tylenol, turning them lethal with potassium cyanide.  Seven people in the Chicago area died. Copycat attacks around the country caused several more… Continue reading Seals on your stuff !!!

Isn’t it fun to talk to Customer Service? …………….#$@&%*!

Yesterday I was on the phone with two different Customer Service people. One Company is a delivery service which I will not call by name but refer to as “Brown.” The second Customer Service person worked for an excessively big e-commerce site named after a large river in South America which I will refer to… Continue reading Isn’t it fun to talk to Customer Service? …………….#$@&%*!