Seals on your stuff !!!

What I’m talking about is everything from peanut butter and medicine to milk with a lot of other stuff thrown in between.

All this because some sociopath in 1982 tampered with capsules of  Extra-Strength Tylenol, turning them lethal with potassium cyanide.  Seven people in the Chicago area died. Copycat attacks around the country caused several more deaths. In 1983, the U.S. Congress passed what was called “the Tylenol bill,” making it a federal offense to tamper with consumer products. In 1989, the FDA established federal guidelines for manufacturers to make all such products tamper-proof. So you really can’t blame the manufacturers, because they had nothing to do with the cause. And if you didn’t know why everything is sealed,  this is how it all started.

There are different kinds of “protection” seals too, lots of them.  Even though I agree that protection is necessary, I can’t say that it is fun.  I’m not picking on anyone, I am only covering what I find most annoying……….today.

Peanut Butter. You’ve done it, opened a new jar of peanut butter.  Did the protective cover come off in one piece? Well, OF COURSE NOT, NO! No matter how hard you try, something is left on the rim of the jar.  It might be paper, it might be foil, or it might be a combination of both. But it doesn’t come off clean.

Then comes the part where you try to remove this detritus with your fingers, then your fingernails, and finally you resort to a knife.  But that really doesn’t work well, the knife wants to get hung up the plastic because that’s what the jars are made from now (glass was so much easier).

Another method is, if you can’t get a hold of this stupid cover because you have no fingernails, you just take a sharp instrument, and BAM poke a hole in it and then try to peel the pieces off, but this still leaves junk on the rim of the jar.

So, you just leave it and try to forget about it………unless you’re OCD (which I am not).

But I bet OCD people have stopped eating a lot of peanut butter.



This is a manufacturer’s picture demonstrating how easily it is removed.



peanut butter


This is what really happens!




This method of sealing is called heat induction, which you can Google, but I’m warning you, you really don’t want to know all the gory details that go into it.

Then there’s my favorite milk. If it has no lactose is it really milk? Well anyway, it has the most aggravating protection. It has a screw-on top, of course, but under that is a super sonic metal covering.  The challenge is to remove this in one piece so it will pour out evenly. The metal seal kinda’ has an edge and you can get a hold of it if you have strong fingernails or extraordinarily strong fingertips. I have been able to do this, but all I am able to do is lift it from the top a little.

The first couple of times I tried to get it the rest of the way off, it required a massive amount of hand strength. I tugged and tugged and grunted and groaned and pulled and cussed, but I did it! Phew!  Since then, I now rely on the pliers in the junk drawer to remove it the rest of the way. This is not to say that it comes off in one complete piece. And you do not want to try and cut it away with a knife because then you end up with little silvery things in your milk.  So, I have learned to tuck the edge in as neatly as I can and move on.

This is an actual comment left on “their” website, even though the Comment-er did recommend the product. Thought it was funny. But I’m thinking maybe the manufacturer or at least someone in “Customer Relations” Department should really read the comments customer leave!  Here’s what the Comment-er had to say:

“We were buying 2 gallons per week, but the inner cap seal is now too hard to peel off, so we stopped buying “L……d” Milk.”

And they just lost a customer!

medicin bottle

Then, of course, there are medicine and drink bottles that are sealed for your protection.  If you have ever had a headache and wanted to get into one of these bottles, it is guaranteed that your headache will intensify before you get to the medicine.

Lift n Peel

This one is slightly better, but not fool-proof.  I lifted and peeled the tab right off without the lid!

And Chap-stick comes to mind.  Have you ever successfully gotten the top loose without messing up the wrapping on the tube itself?


Enough said……….

Here’s hoping the road will rise to meet you,
The wind will always be at your back,
The sunshine will be warm upon your face,
……….And your lids will always open easily.

.………….till next time, One Crazy Lady ♥♥♥


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